Baby Shower Cake Topper

Are you looking for the perfect finishing touch to your amazing baby shower cake? Look no further than our custom cake topper! This delightful topper features a beautiful baby design with the word 'Baby' in the center. You can choose your desired color and size, and even add your little one's last name or first name to make it even more special. 🍰🤩

This unique cake topper would be an ideal addition to any party, making it stand out among all other cakes. Best of all, you don't have to be a professional cake maker or baker - you just need this stylish, yet simple touch! Whether it's for a friend’s special day or for your own baby shower celebration, let our Baby Shower Cake Topper complete that banquet table look!


  • Depending on the color/material you select,   the cake topper will be made of 1/8" thick translucent acrylic, opaque acrylic, mirrored acrylic, or birch wood.
  • The size you select in the drop-down menu will determine the width or height of the design of the cake topper (It does not include the picks of the cake topper). All cake topper picks measure at roughly 3.5".
  • Some cake topper designs may have a second pick added for additional stability.
  • All cake toppers are designed and made to order by real people. Slight variations should be expected.
  • Proudly Made in the USA


  • Colors you see on screen may vary from the actual color you see in-person due to brightness and monitor settings.
  • All colors will show the same colors on both sides of your item except for mirror acrylics, they will show a grey color on the back side of the acrylic.
  • Translucent and clear acrylics are see-through.
  • Mirrored acrylics are very shiny and reflective, like a mirror.
  • If the item you are ordering has text engraved into it rather than cut out, we do not recommend ordering milky white or opaque white as the text may be difficult to read.


Celebrate Cake Toppers specializes in cake decorations such as cake toppers, cake gems, cake plates, and other baking supplies designed to decorate cakes. We exist to help you show love and appreciation to others through confections with a personalized touch. Our custom cake toppers, personalized cake decorations, and other baking supplies help bakers around the world personalize their confections.

A brand by Simple & Sentimental, Celebrate Cake Toppers is based in Eastern North Carolina and is operated with the same stylish designs, attention to detail, 5-star customer service, and quick turnaround time you know from S&S.

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