Acrylic Number Cake Templates - Full Set

This number shape cake template is perfect for creating birthday number cakes! Customize your cake with fun fonts and delicious decor. Create a show-stopping confection and treat yo’ self to an easy way to create number shaped cakes that are sure to leave your guests 'ohhhing' and 'ahhhing'! (Hey, you deserve it!)

Use number cake templates to make cutting numbers out of cakes easy. You can achieve an accurate number shape in your cake in no time! Read below for instructions on how to use acrylic number cake templates.


  1. Bake a sheet cake slightly larger than the size of your acrylic number cake template.
  2. Place the number cake template on top of the cake, and use it as a guide to cut out the desired number for your cake.


  • The number cake template will be made of 1/8" thick clear acrylic with the Celebrate Cake Toppers logo engraved in the center. Your purchase includes numbers 0-9 of the cake number templates, 10 pieces total.
  • The size you select in the drop-down menu will determine the width and height of the cake number template.
  • Colors you see on screen may vary from the actual color you see in-person due to brightness and monitor settings.
  • All cake toppers are designed and made to order by real people. Slight variations should be expected.
  • Proudly Made in the USA


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