Name Cake Plaque

Celebrate in style with our Name Cake Plaque! 🎂 Say goodbye to boring cake toppers and hello to this fabulous new trend that puts a unique touch on every cake that's practical and re-usable beyond the event. With this one-of-a-kind item, you have absolute control over the look, feel, and size of your creation. Whether you are into bold acrylic colors or rustic wood – we've got it all for a perfect fit for any and every cake. All you have to do is choose your words or name, select your size and color, then apply the plaque on the side of a cake using icing or place it on top of the cake.

And after the event - you can actually repurpose your Name Cake Plaque! Use it as decor on future cakes or desserts, in your craft room or office area - wherever really! Get creative and use the plaque for other special occasions like weddings or baby showers too! And not only that - but these plaques also make great gifts! 🎁 So get yours today - because your cakes deserve more than just another traditional cake topper. Go all out with our amazing Name Cake Plaque! ⭐️


  • Depending on your choice of color/material, our delightful cake plaque will be crafted from 1/8" thick translucent acrylic, opaque acrylic, mirrored acrylic, or birch wood. Just pick your size!
  • Sizing has a maximum height and width, meaning your cake plaque will likely only be as tall OR wide as you select, not both. Your cake plaque is sized by the maximum width or height you select, whichever it meets first is the size of your cake plaque
  • Each piece is specially designed and made-to-order by real, creative people. So, do expect charming, slight variations.
  • Happily and proudly made in the USA!


  • When you view colors on screen, they might appear different in-person due to brightness and monitor settings, but don't worry, all colors look great on both sides of your item, except for mirror acrylics, which have a cool grey color on the back. Translucent and clear acrylics are amazing because they're see-through. Mirrored acrylics have an impressive shiny and reflective surface, just like a mirror!
  • If you're ordering an item with engraved text, we suggest skipping milky white, ivory, and opaque white, as the text could be hard to read. Enjoy choosing your colors!


Celebrate Cake Toppers is all about brightening up your cakes with decorations like cake toppers, gems, plates, and other delightful baking supplies. We're here to help you spread love and appreciation through personalized sweet treats. Our custom cake toppers and decorations empower bakers worldwide to add a personal touch to their creations.

A sister brand of Simple & Sentimental, we're based in Eastern North Carolina and carry the same stylish designs, attention to detail, top-notch customer service, and swift turnaround times you've come to expect from S&S. Elevate your celebrations with added joy and exuberance with Celebrate Cake Toppers!

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