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We have compiled a list of the best 15 custom birthday cake toppers everyone will love. These cake toppers are perfect for anyone! You can customize almost all cake toppers' color, font, age, and size, so there is an option for everyone. Add a cake topper you love to make the cake uniquely you on your special day!

1. Happy Birthday Name Cake Topper

Happy Birthday Cake Topper

We're starting off this list with a classic cake topper option. Available in a variety of colors and size options, this cake topper is sure to make the birthday girl (or guy) truly feel like the day is all about them!

2. Name Cake Topper in Bella Font

Name Cake Topper in Bella Font

This scripty cake topper is perfect for the girly girl in your life. Make her feel so much more loved on her special day by surprising her with a cake topper that reflects her fun and bubbly personality! 

3. Golf Birthday Cake Topper for Dad

Golf Birthday Cake Topper for Dad

We've got an option for dad too! If your dad is a golf fanatic, this cake topper will definitely bring a smile to his face!

4. Balloon Cake Topper in Teal

Balloon Cake Topper in Teal

What could be more fun than festive balloons on top of your birthday cake?! These balloon cake toppers are sure to make the birthday cake the centerpiece of your celebration!

5. Mermaid Birthday Cake Topper

Mermaid Birthday Cake Topper

This is the perfect birthday cake topper for the mermaid lover in your life! If your child loves the sea, they are sure to love this precious cake topper!

6. Happy Birthday Hexagon Cake Topper

Happy Birthday Hexagon Cake Topper

This cake topper full of sharp, clean lines is sure to make any birthday cake pop. Add extra flare by customizing the size and color of the topper!

7. Cheers to 50 Years Cake Topper

Cheers to 50 Years Cake Topper

Is a loved one in your life coming up on their big 50th birthday? This 50th birthday cake topper will make their day even more special. Added plus: it can also double as an anniversary cake topper!

8. Happy Birthday Cake Topper

Happy Birthday Cake Topper

If you want to keep your cake topper simple, we've got you covered! This simple Happy Birthday message will still add a special and unique touch to any birthday cake.

9. Happy 60th Cake Topper

Happy 60th Cake Topper

Are you so excited to celebrate your loved one's 60th birthday? Make their 60th Birthday cake topper unique to them by customizing this to their favorite color!

10. Birthday Party Cake Topper

Birthday Party Cake Topper

It's their birthday, they can party if they want to! This cake topper is perfect for the fun and free-spirited birthday guy or gal!

11. Hello Forty Cake Topper

Hello Forty Cake Topper

A fortieth birthday is a big milestone in anyone's life. This cake topper will add a special touch to an already special day!

12. Name Cake Topper in Audrey Font

Name Cake Topper in Audrey FontA birthday cake topper in this classic font will make any birthday guy or gal feel special. Available in over 20 different color options, this cake topper will easily make the cake stand out at any celebration.

13. First Birthday Cake Topper

First Birthday Cake Topper

A first birthday is a truly special and memorable event. This cake topper will be great for pictures and perfect to add to the little one's cake!

14. Est. Birthday Cake Topper

Happy Birthday Cake TopperThis cake topper is a different yet fun way to show the age of the birthday guy or gal. Especially if they don't want the real number getting out!

15. Mountain Bike Birthday Cake Topper

Mountain Bike Birthday Cake TopperIf the birthday guy or gal loves the outdoors and riding on two wheels, this cake topper is perfect for them. Get a cake topper that shows their favorite hobby!

The 15 Best Customizable Birthday Cake Toppers

A birthday is a special day all about you or your loved one. This list of birthday cake toppers gives you fun and unique inspiration to make a birthday celebration so much more special! You can truly let their personality shine through the different colors, fonts, designs, and sizes!


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